Services – Puppy & dog training and socialisation

Does your dog struggle to connect with humans or other dogs ?
Does the sight of another dog panic you and your best friend ?

Using modern training & behaviour techniques, we can help your dog overcome the anxiety of meeting another dog or person. It can be a slow and steady process but the end result is a happy dog.
We hear of so many stories of dogs being attacked whilst out walking and from then on, the dog avoids or shows aggressive behaviour to any other dog it meets. This makes walking your dog very difficult, or visiting the family that also has pets.

Fear is the hardest of all dog behavioural problems to fix but using gentle techniques, we would like to train you and your dog in the process.

For the most difficult cases, we offer to board your dog at our home and slowly introduce other dogs (in a controlled environment). We only use friendly and easy going dogs to help the process along, teaching your dog that not all dogs are the same.

We also offer puppy socialisation classes. We only take one or two puppies at a time and allow them to play and mix with other dogs of a good nature.

We have an initial consultation and formulate a training plan and identify your dogs trigger towards other dogs. We then take your dog for a few hours at a time to slowly introduce them to other friendly dogs in neutral territory (they may be defensive in their own home)

Consultation, advice and hands on practice £120 for a two hour session at your home. We will happily go to your local field or park.
2 hour socialisation at my boarding facility £30 subject to availability.

Each and every dog is different with varying levels of nervousness or aggression. It is a slow process at times but essential for your dog to develop and overcome his or her fears.

Wouldnt it be nice to go for a walk with your best friend and not worry about other dogs approaching ?

Further details coming soon!

Please call 01978 721512 is you would like to speak to us.