Services – One to one obedience

We will come to your home, the environment that your dog knows best and feels most secure.
Our first visit will last 2 hours and we will observe the dogs behaviour and if necessary walk the dog with you to get the bigger picture. We make lots of notes and formulate a training plan that is best for you and your dog. We ask if we can see the bad behaviour in action and we want to understand the reasons behind your dogs bad behaviour. It may be that your dog feels nervous, aggressive or even confused.

For the first meeting, which includes observations, detailed advice and hands on application to show you how its done £120 within 20 mile radius. Two hour session.

Each hourly training session at your home or place of choice is then charged at £60 per hour within a 10 mile radius.

We understand the importance of your best friend and we know that you have your dogs happiness in the front of your mind. We guarantee an improvement in your dogs behaviour and we will go that extra mile to ensure it happens, as long as you follow the instructions. Everything is explained in an easy format without any jargon. We show you how to train your dog step by step and we are always on hand to help and provide guidance.

We only use positive dog training techniques and we are opposed to the use of force. Believe it or not, your dog will learn quicker if he or she does it of their own accord.

Training sessions will help your dog overcome any problems that they may have, leaving you with a happier, better behaved dog.

We specialise in dog training & behaviour but we are quite happy to help with dog obedience skills, such as sit, stay, settle, come etc.
Obedience skills can make all the difference in keeping your dog safe, whether it be teaching the dog not to run through an open door, or asking the dog to calm down in an escalated situation.

Further details coming soon!

Please call 01978 721512 if you would like to speak to us.