• Expecting a baby instructional course – Training advice to keep everyone safe
  • One to one Dog training & Dog behaviour sessions
  • Puppy classes
  • One to one puppy training
  • General obedience classes
  • One to one obedience
  • Socialisation dog training
  • Home visits and safety visits
  • Dogs around children course
  • Help choosing a puppy
  • Help choosing a rescue dog
  • Offsite training and boarding at our licensed premises
Problem behaviour
We offer a one to one service in your own home. We break it down into two sections.
1) 2 hour dog and owner consultation. A full written analysis report detailing observations and a training plan additional £25.
We need to understand why your dog acts the way it does, how you treat good and bad behaviour and if there are any other reasons why problem behaviour is happening.
2) Dog Training/correction as per the report.
We collate as much information about you and your dog during the consultation. I will observe the dogs behaviours and mannerisms and then devise a very detailed report identifying problems and training solutions in order for you to follow a training plan.
A typical report is 3 pages long.
If you need help to follow the training plan, we can assist with one hour training sessions, again in your home and your dogs natural environment.
2 hour consultation and (within 40 mile radius) £120
1 hour one to one training £60 within a 10 mile radius
Group Classes £6 per hour plus £5 joining fee.
Accompanied puppy visit or rescue dog visit to help you pick the right dog And test the dogs behaviour £65 within 20 miles.
Professional report assessment i.e. Social services, landlords etc £250 including the 2 hour consultation.
Home Boarding
£20 per day per dog. Double time for bank holidays.
£50 deposit for each week booked, ie 2 weeks £100 deposit
Collection / Drop off hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 4pm, Sunday closed for collection or drop off
All fees are paid up front.
We accept cash and bank transfer to our HSBC Business account.
We are fully insured (certificate available upon request)
Council Dog Boarding Licence, inspected by Wrexham Council & Vets.


  • Aggression
Does your dog bare its teeth, try to nip or even bite? Your dog could believe that its the Alpha male in the house. It could be from poor socialisation in the puppy years, it could be an experience throughout its life and nervousness. We will help you establish yourself as a pack leader and learn to only reward your dog for good behaviour and not to nurture bad haviour.Jumping up
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Chewing
  • Nervousness
  • Seperation Anxiety
  • Barking
  • Digging
  • Puppy Training
  • Obedience
  • Safe practice with children
  • Dog bereavement
  • Choosing the right puppy / breed of dog
  • Choosing a rescue dog
  • Home assessments
  • Expectant baby arrival